20.5.23 18-20 Uhr Eröffnung: Kunsthalle Erfurt 21.5.-30.7.23: Engelberg+ Inszenierte Fotografie
Engelberg is the name of a group of artists that was founded with the aim of making it possible to experience a complex "image of time" by looking beyond their own perception of images and their respective oeuvres. The five artists working with the medium of photography, Claus Bach, Kurt Buchwald, Andrej Glusgold, Matthias Leupold and Katharina Mayer, are united by the representational moment in the image. In their "contact with the world", the selected works question and fathom the self and...

9.6.23 18 Uhr: Kunsthalle Erfurt: Filmaufführung Hugo Jaeggi–Fotograf Zudem ist der Traum oft Realität genug, von Leupold & Depierre 2019

10.6.23 17 Uhr ACC Galerie Weimar Filmaufführung The Song of the Valley, von Leupold & Séférian