The Noise of Letea


»The Noise of Letea« traces the sounds of the small place in the romanian North Dobrudscha located in the Donau Delta. Haunted by the henchman of the russian Tsar for religious reasons, a ukrainian minority was searching for shelter more than 300 years ago. Their descendants speak a specificly cultivated Russian until today which is not spoken elsewhere in the world. Children doesn’t have compulsory education, there is no police or a mayoral, people horse-ride to pubs, horses run free and the cattle returns to their farms itself.


The sound directs: a donkey yells, the wind whistles; the hinge plunges in the river, rural work, traditional chants, the chuffs of a self-built vehicles.


Ten of 2000 inhabitants are employed, the others are self-supporters.


A place on the edge of Europe. A place forgotten by Europe. 

Technical Sheet

Director: Matthias Leupold

Sound und Sounddesign: Manja Ebert

Camera Operator: Eric Berg

Editing: Matthias Leupold, Manja Ebert

Editor: Nadja Mahler

Boatman and translations: Calin Mihai

Assistant: Magdalena Peralta

Website: monospace

2016, 29 min, RO