Hugo Jaeggi



The documentary captures the artist’s authentic descriptions concerning a considerable number of pictures. It provides an insight into their development and interviews some of the photographer’s companions.


Hugo Jaeggi’s photographs largely withdraw from a comparative evaluation. Distinctive are his dreams of visual force. They allow a glimpse of the psyche that experiences the family relations and the chasms of his existence and endures them over and over again. Unfiltered and honest he keeps questioning his work. It is not beautiful images he is after, as he says, but the good ones, those that tell something outrageous. Undoubtedly he is a master of portrait photography. The magic in the look of the depicted in his portraits is highly capturing and hard to let go of.


Hugo Jaeggi: „Besides, dreams are often real enough.“


Technical Sheet

Directors: Matthias Leupold, Jérôme Depierre

Production: Leupold Film Production Berlin, Tadig (CH)

Editor: Jérôme Depierre

Consulting: Thomas Keller, Marie Ketzscher, Lilian Leupold

Image Editing: Anna Permesang

Sound: Omid Taslimi

Sound Design: Phil Freeborn

Motion Design: Christian Mahler

Soundtrack: Urs Jaeggi, DRS Studio Berlin 1983

Mastering: Jürg Naegeli, Pink Bild und Ton 2005

Camera Operators: Jérôme Depierre, Matthias Leupold, Paul Skulimma

Color Grading: Laif Kardelke

Translations: Meilynn Lindlar, Jean-Pierre Knecht, Dominique de Rivaz

Technical Support: Eric Berg

Website: Anouk Miserez / monospace

2018, 40 min, 46 min, 52 min




World Premiere 24 May 2019 FAFF in Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA

On Arts Film Festival, Poland 2019. Open air screenings in 7 towns

TV premiere

November 17th, 2019, 11:55 a.m., Sternstunde der Kunst, SRF 1


European premiere

November 17th, 2019, 11:00 a.m., kult.kino Atelier, Theaterstrasse 7, Basel

Moderation Q&A: Nadine Reinert


In conjunction with the exhibition "Hugo Jaeggi - Photography," Philosophicum Basel,

Nov. 16th-Dec. 5th,  2019